Volunteer Spotlight: Emeka Ofe

| December 2, 2019

My name is Emeka Ofe, a software engineer. I studied Chemical Engineering at the Federal University of Technology Owerri, Imo State, I switched my career from Chemical Engineering to Software Engineering due to my burning passion for software engineering. The journey has been thrilling so far.

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Volunteer of the Month – Arinze Odika

| August 30, 2019

Arinze Odika is a 300 level student of Accountancy at the Imo State University Owerri. He volunteers as a local programs manager for the NWTImo program.

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Volunteer of the month – Umar Farouk

| August 3, 2019

Farouq Umar is a writer, content developer, system analyst, program, and project manager. He also works as the Programs Manager at Startup Kano Hub.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Chris Adie

| June 30, 2019

Our volunteer of the month is Chris Adie, a tutor for Nigerian Women Techsters in Delta state and Women Techsters in Lagos state. In a short interview Chris answers vital questions on volunteering

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Tech4Dev Is Providing Solutions to Enable Decent Work

| June 28, 2019

With the advent of technological evolution, the world is changing rapidly; from how we communicate to how we conduct business to how we work. Daily lives and communication have been subsumed by the use of social media where interactions with people across the globe takes places in the new world of social; a world of interconnectivity and speedy communications.

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Alumni Spotlight: Catherine John

| June 27, 2019

Meet Catherine John, a beneficiary of the Women Techsters Cohort 2. Catherine recently got into the Microsoft Leap Hackathon, and her team won the grand prize.

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Massive opportunities for women in technology.

| May 31, 2019

As the old wisdom goes, if you lost your job, you could blame to suspects cheap labor in the developing world or computers, of course, it is a truism that technological change causes disruption in economies, but it is much greater step to argue that it causes unemployment, in fact the opposite seems to be true.

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Why we need more women in tech in Nigeria

| May 31, 2019

Tech4Dev (Technology for Social Change and Development) initiated The Nigerian Women Techsters program, a program to train 2,400 women on programming skills in Nigeria.

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