Technology for Sustainable Development


Tech4dev (technology for development) is a non-profit social enterprise that creates proactive and reactive technological solutions to help solve the world's greatest problems, with primary focus on public health and civic engagement.

Sustainable Development

our objectives are entrenched in the principle of sustainable development which advocates sustaining finite resources necessary to provide for the needs of future generations of life on the planet.

Active Citizenship

At Tech4Dev all our activities are guided by the philosophy of active citizenship as well as driven by a team of like-minded active citizens across the world.

Global partnership

Our work is supported and sustained through various global partnership initiatives, with focus on the continued significant role that technology plays in the development of underserved communities.


As a development focused organization, effective advocacy remains critical to the core of our existence and ability to impact and influence individuals and organizations at all levels.

The challenge

Every day new diseases, epidemic, cases of injustice, abuse of democracy and other social problems are recorded – all culminating in the overall slow and unsustainable development growth rate.

Our solution

Sustainable Development is one of those vital areas, like trade and the environment, where action is fundamental, yet difficult to achieve on the ground. But daunting as our challenges are, there are signs of progress.

Our Initiatives