Massive opportunities for women in technology.

| May 31, 2019

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Technology crucially contributes to a country’s development, boosting productivity, especially in startups and emerging industries. Historically women in computing have had an effect on the evolution of the primary industries with some of the first computer programmers being women. Now isn’t that impressive? In the developing world, the pace of change may be slower than many would like it but, nonetheless there are marked example of technology role in rising incomes and driving employment opportunities.

Imagine a life without the evolution of technology, what kind of life do we have right now? Technology has been part of life, and it is one of the critical ingredients for the survival of humanity to live in an environment, the development of new technology helps people save lives, it makes work more comfortable and makes the world a better place to live.

As more women attempt to juggle families and careers, technology helps to ease their schedules and offers opportunities.

With online degrees, education is available to women who are unable to go to school because of the constraints; there are quite several online schools that offer programs or degrees that women can take without compromising their chosen responsibilities as homemakers. Additionally, e-commerce allows women to take an active part in many types of business without leaving home with an internet connection and a laptop. A business minded woman can put up an online store selling products or services to specific segments. They can make money this way while attending to their families. More so, women in technology can pursue numerous careers in addition to information technology like advanced robotic manufacturing, game design, graphic design, media communications, data science, information visualization, business analytics, bio in format web development, cybersecurity and technology management to a few. Women also have soft skills such as problems solving, creative thinking, communication, and collaboration which are essential for technology candidates and women have excellent skills in these areas

Basic technology skills are necessary for many jobs, not just tech careers.

It is advised that people take every opportunity to build their technology skills, the high paying jobs, even in fields outside of STEM, are demanding tech skills, this is seen in the growth of areas such as data science, informatics digital humanities, and other crossover fields, at a minimum.

It is vital to understand what technology can do for you.

Technology is a fantastic field for women. I encourage women to consider that technology is not a single type of job, but rather a broad spectrum of careers that appeal to a variety of individuals with diverse skills. The technology job markets offer many excellent opportunities, these jobs which are wide open for women come with a pleasant and competitive pay.