BDEI will train 500,000  students between the ages of  8-18  across underserved communities in Nigeria

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50 Master trainers who will become BDEI champions

5000 teachers across underserved communities in Nigeria will become expert trainers using the BDEI curriculum, learning content and platform.

500,000 children will be empowered with the skill set and STEM education necessary to becoming digitally literate

The Basic Digital Education Initiative is an experiential learning computer education and STEM program that aims to train 500,000 public school students between ages 8 -18 across selected states in Nigeria.

The goal of the project is to introduce learners in underserved communities to the world of digital literacy and equip them with the basic digital knowledge that is required to succeed in the 21st century world and workplace.

The Basic Digital Education Initiative aligns with sustainable development goal 4 & 10 (Quality Education & Reduced Inequalities). By investing in quality education for children in underserved communities, this would help reduce inequalities among students in public schools and private schools.

The training will cover critical areas like Introduction to computing, productivity tools, basic web skills, workplace essentials, big data, cloud technologies and cyber security.


  • To increase the number of digital literate children across Nigeria
  • To increase the number of children willing to study and participate in STEM at a tertiary level
  • To empower children in rural communities with the digital skill set required for the future of work and advanced learnings for the 21st century
  • To ensure that children are exposed to the skill set needed for advanced learning and decent work