10,000 youths enrolled in employability and entrepreneurship courses every year

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40-50% of participants get employed as first choice applicants based on their competencies and skills

Build capacity of participants to be able to work remotely and earn a decent income for themselves and family

10,000 youths enrolled in employability and entrepreneurship courses every year

Serve as a ready work program for undergrads and fresh graduates

The NAKISE program is an initiative that is built to foster employability, entrepreneurship and enable work place efficiency among graduates and undergraduates. The NAKISE program offers both online ( and offline training sessions. The offline training is deployed in partnership with organizations who are open to developing their human capital.

An important component of the NAKISE program is the NAKISE learning portal (, The NAKISE learning portal is an online learning platform that offers courses, specialization and degrees, it is a free, open platform with no restriction on access. This is a one stop place for Individuals with interest in developing workplace related skills, office efficiency tools and gain digital literacy skills. The platform provides participants the luxury of downloading learning materials and creating a flexible timeline that best fits their reality.

The goal of the NAKISE program is to teach over 10,000 people on workplace related skills.


  • To improve employability among recent graduates and undergraduates
  • To support growth and productivity in the work place
  • To improve capacity and efficiency in the work place by providing access to training on basic office tools
  • Foster collaboration between Tech4Dev and GIZ as regards building initiatives that drive capacity building and employability
  • Achieve higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological upgrading and innovation


The week’s training has been enlightening, I have done ICT training before, and it was not like this. It was just the basic, and it was an eye-opener for me. I enjoyed the classes. The tutors were patient and explained well. We did a PowerPoint presentation, and I perfected my presentation skills within the training period. I want to say thank you to Tech4Dev, and I appreciate the opportunity.

Gladys Madueke

Nakise beneficiary

It’s a very enlightening program; they taught us about office software, PowerPoint, Excel, and others how to use slides and organize them for a presentation. They taught us how to behave in a corporate environment, organizational skills. I’ll encourage other people to participate because it’s fun and highly useful.

Hasan Jimoh

Nakise Beneficiary

I am so grateful to be part of the employability Nakise training. The training is on business writing, resume development, and writing of a proposal. I have learned a lot, the training is free, and they still took out time to teach us expressively. I’m grateful.

Aduke Joy

Nakise Beneficiary