Providing NCDC with the much-needed ability to carry out comprehensive contact tracing of individuals at population scale

Easing the burden of the NCDC contact center and strengthening NCDC's communication capacity by providing other communication channels to carry out self-risk assessments and report symptoms

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In the face of the Coronavirus global pandemic, we have all lost in some way, our work has been affected, and our lives are changing rapidly by the turn of events. How do we fight against a virus that grows exponentially, threatening to cripple not just our health and medical institutions but our economy?

The most effective defense is to stop the spread of this virus by accurately tracking and mapping all COVID -19 cases, and this is where Glo Epid comes in.

GloEpid is a Not for profit initiative built by volunteer efforts to help combat COVID-19 effectively by strengthening the ability of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to trace contacts of all confirmed cases down to he areas or people they might have come in contact with, as well as allow people to self-assess if they have symptoms of the virus.

Gloepid is a two-pronged tracking and surveillance technology solution focused on contact tracing, self assessment, and reporting to identify quickly track travel, and contact information, to be able to contain the spread of COVID-19.