Staying Connected with Your Business in A Digital World

| November 5, 2021

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Recently, Mark Zuckerberg, co-Founder of Facebook, Inc. and serial entrepreneur, made an announcement that rocked the world. Facebook's name was changing to Metaverse, and with this new name, they were introducing a new concept. The Metaverse was designed to explore the shared virtual reality part of the internet. In a broader sense, the whole idea of the Metaverse may not only refer to virtual worlds operated by social media companies but also touch on the concept of Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. In plain terms, it is a technology that creates an environment where objects in the real world are combined with virtual objects to create a virtual scene or ambiance to enhance the user's sensory perception of the world they are interacting with

The metaverse ecosystem was designed using user-centric elements, including Avatar Identity, Content Creation, Virtual Economy, Social Acceptability, Presence, Security and Privacy, and Trust and Accountability.

If this development has shown anything, it is how rapidly the world moves towards civilization through digitalization. Already, several occupations and businesses have been rendered obsolete by technological advancement. Which now begs the question, how does one stay connected with their business in a digital world?

Here are five things you can do to stay connected

  1. Have an online presence: In a digital world, having an online presence is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to get noticed. It is putting yourself or your businesses on online platforms e.g., social media platforms (WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), websites (a personal/business website or news websites

  2. Build an email list: About a month or two, the famous three, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook, were down for about 24 hours. Instances like this are why, as beautiful as being present on social media is, it's not enough. It is advisable to build an email list to augment social media presence.

    Another reason why making an email list is essential is information dissemination. Through emails, you can disseminate information just the way you want it. You could segment and send to a selected few or a demographic. You could personalize your message. Even when sending to bulk, you can freestyle and try different emailing methods. The versatility of email marketing makes it highly desirable

  3. Train or encourage staff to acquire digital skills: As your business advances into a digital one, it is advisable to either train your staff in digital skills or encourage them to develop digital skills to aid a smooth transition. Various online platforms offer free digital skills training, one of which is Tech4Dev's Digital for all challenge. Interestingly, the Digital for all challenge program provides incentives for learning in addition to certifications.

  4. Protect your data: One downside of a digital world is cybercrimes. As the world advances in digitalization, cybercrimes increase too. So, as you take your place in the midst of all of it, here are some essential security tips you could take:

One noteworthy fact about digitalization is its constantly evolving nature, and the only way to maintain relevance and stay connected even as a business person is to evolve with it. So, as the world evolves with various trends and innovations, stay on top of your game by constantly updating your skill set, information bank, and yourself