Make Room: How to encourage Women Participation in Tech.

| August 7, 2021

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It is no longer news that all over the world, women are side-lined in the tech industry. This is majorly because of stereotypes. These stereotypes are birthed and upheld by society and culture. It is even a struggle in some underdeveloped countries before young girls and women can get basic education.

But the world is advancing; it is becoming a digital village, and we are rapidly leaving the stereotypes behind. Here are some things that can aid making room for women and girls in the tech world, especially within organizations.

  1. Sensitization: It is essential to sensitize young girls and women on the various opportunities available in tech. It is also necessary to encourage them to study STEM-related courses in schools

  2. Take initiatives: To mark the 2021 international Women's Day, organizations like Cowrywise, Tech4Dev, Ingressiveforgood came out to offer scholarships/initiatives, job positions, and trust funds for women to encourage women participation in Tech. Initiatives like these go a long way in balancing the apparent gender gap in the tech sector.

  3. Equity and fairness: 72% of women in tech have worked at a company where bro culture is pervasive- Trustradius. "Bro culture" in the workplace is when male employees are seen as superiors to the female employees, which leads to discrimination.

    Equity and fairness must be upheld in an organization regardless of gender. Everyone should be given equal benefits, opportunities, and respect in the workplace. Promotions, salary increases, and other benefits should be based on performance and not gender.

  4. Ensure the workplace's safety: The number of sexual harassment charges increases by up to 15% each year- Source: Dando Diary. To increase the participation of women in tech, organizations must first make the workplace's safety a priority. There should be strict rules and policies in place against sexual harassment. No woman should have to choose between her job and victimization.