Women Techsters Fellowship Mini Demo Day

| August 7, 2021

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On the 5th and 6th July, the Women Techsters Fellows had a mini demo day to showcase what they have learned so far and prepare for their final project. In total, 28 groups had presentations to make. Various groups duly represented each learning track. We had six groups, nine groups, two groups, six groups, and five groups respectively in product design, software development, product management, Data Science, and Ai and Cybersecurity learning tracks.

Product Design: 6 groups

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, and Foxtrot

Group 1: Alpha worked on an online platform to give families easy access to birth control measures for family planning. Hopefully, this project will become a tool for developing countries in the nearest future to check population growth as this is still a big issue putting pressure on the already scarce basic amenities. This project addressed SDG 1 & 2 - End to Poverty, and End to hunger and all forms of malnutrition by 2030, respectively.

Group 2: Bravo worked on a project titled Designers Hub. This project was designed to aid collaboration between designers. Also, to create a platform where designers can interact and benefit from by having access to updates on design tools and resources. This project was designed to achieve SDG 8, Decent Work, and economic growth.  

Group 3: Charlie worked on an app that can connect small-scale farmers to market access and help contribute to sustainable farming. The target audience for this app is small-scale farmers in Africa, especially in developing countries where small-scale farmers generate a high percentage of food production. The SDGs this project focuses on are SDG's 1 & 2 - No Poverty/Zero Hunger, respectively.

Group 4: Delta designed an Inventory app for Stores. This project's purpose is to save time consumption and less productivity and theft that occurs as a result of Manual inventory. It would also save organizations the cost involved in hiring more hands. This project addresses SDG 12- Responsible Consumption and Production. 

Group 5: Echo worked on a Security app named Stay Safe App to solve insecurity. This app worked like an alarm to alert people when a shooting or security threat in a particular area was designed to address SDG 3 & 16- Good health and well-being/Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions.

Group 6: Foxtrot worked on a Teaching Aid App. This target audience for this app is primary school teachers, as this app was designed to provide additional resources, lesson plans, and ideas on how to overcome everyday challenges faced by teachers. There is also an option for teachers to select the year and the subject they would like to gain additional resources for, such as English, Mathematics, History, etc. This way, teachers can stay up to date. This app also has an interactive tab where teachers can rub minds and give and receive feed-backs. This project targets SDG Considered/Involved: Quality Education (4)

Software Development: 9 Groups

Sheree, Jayna, Ernestine, August, Goldfish, Royal, Elvia, Geneva, and Beulah

Group 1: Sheree created an app named "Find A Mentor'. The target audience of this app is young professionals seeking mentors to guide them in their career journey. It helps people find and connect to mentors in their specified fields or areas of interest and is designed in line with SDG'S 4 & 8- Quality education and Decent work and economic growth. 

Group 2: Jayna worked on a Random Meal Suggester app. This app aims to make food selection easier by randomly selecting from user's choices to avoid time wastage in selecting meals and encouraging healthy feeding. This project targets achieving SDG 3- Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages. 

Group 3: Ernestine worked on a Lecture Hall Booking System. The target audience for this app is University students as it was designed to enable them to book lecture halls, study halls and manage hall availability with ease. The focus of this project is SDG 4 - Quality education. 

Group 4: August worked on a Driver's License Registration System to solve the bureaucratic process of registering and getting one's Driver's License, especially in this part of this world. The focus of this project is SDG 9- Industry, innovation, and infrastructure. 

Group 5: Goldfish worked on a recipe App. This one is for the culture. Its target audiences are chefs, upcoming chefs, and people with an interest in cooking. It is an app where users can get recipe formulas of meals and how it is being prepared, and it is targeted towards achieving SDG 3- Good Health and Well-being.

Group 6: Royal created an app named SWD Helpful Notes. They intend to create a hub for experienced Software developers to share tips and ideas and serve as a survival pack for new software developers looking to get information. This app is targeted towards achieving SDG 4- 

Group 7: Elvia created a Corona Virus Monitoring Site. Everyone in the news is talking about how we are in another wave of the deadly pandemic. Team Elvia created this app to curb its spread by monitoring and showing current data about the spread of coronavirus in different countries. This app was designed to achieve SDG 3- Good Health and Well-being.

Group 8: Geneva created a Weather App to help users determine the weather at their location and other locations by simply typing the name of the area they desire. This project targets achieving SDG 14- Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development.

Group 9: Beulah created an app for African Tourist Locations and Booking. This site reviews fabulous tourist locations in Africa and gives you a direction on how to get there. Discover places of natural beauty such as beaches, resorts, mountains, and lots more. Live, Travel, have fun.

Product Management: 2 Groups

Systers, and Carebulb

Group 1: Systers worked on a Waste Schedule System (WAMSYS). This product is proposing a seamless business-to-business waste management solution. This solution will be integrated into the provider's system for creating a great user experience, and overall success concentrate, such as in urban centers, appropriate and safe solid waste management (SWM) is of utmost importance to allow healthy living conditions for the population. SDG 3- Good Health and Well-being.

Group 2: Care bulb worked on a medical app named Carebulb health. The focus of this app is to help people in low-income communities in Nigeria access basic health amenities. This project focuses on achieving SDG 3- Good Health and Well-being.

Data Science & AI: 6 Groups

Dream Epic, Beta Signal, Gamma#3, Tand-Edu, Outliers and She'ro

Group 1: Dream Epic analyzed a travel booking system (The Dream Epic Team). This travel booking system allows users to make hotel reservations for their preferred destinations. It intends to achieve SDG 9- Increase Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure)

Group 2: Beta Signal analyzed a Loan Prediction Model (Beta Signal). This analysis analyses the borrowers' chance of being granted a loan based on their record, and it focuses on SDG 8 - Create Decent Work and Economic Growth.   

Group 3: Gamma#3 analyzed Tkinter_Voice Assistant (Gamma), an NLP App search engine that recognizes speech to text and text to speech, complete with a user interface. This project targets SDG 10- Reduce Inequality.

Group 4: Tandu-Edu worked on an Education App for women (Tand-Edu App). They analyzed how Covid-19 affected education, a comparative analysis of how different countries were affected by covid-19 in the education sector, and how online Education work in these countries. This project focused on SDG's 4 & 5 - Provide Quality Education and Enforce Gender Equality.

Group 5: Outliers worked on an analysis on Climate Change and Crop Production in developing countries using Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa as case studies. This project targets achieving SDG's 12 & 13- Influence Responsible Consumption and Production/Organize Climate Action)

Group 6: She'ro worked on an Analysis of women and girls abused during the COVID 19 lockdown. This analysis aims to put preventive measures in place via a standardized smart mobile reporting system using African countries with data availability as case studies. It was targeted towards SDG 3 & 5- Establish Good Health and Well-Being/Enforce Gender Equality.

Cybersecurity: 5 Groups

Earth Defenders, Encrypting Chronicles, Overnight Guards, Star Girls, and Musgravite Cyber Talent

Group 1: Earth Defenders worked on a project that Increases access to ICT and novel internet-connected technologies. This project was also designed to develop application Policies for Applications and activities in enterprises that might pose a security risk and achieve SDG 9 & 11: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure.  

Group 2: Encrypting Chronicles worked on a project that shows how to use file encryption to help secure client's information from third parties, which could be within the firm or outside the firm. Specifically for court cases. The SDG, this project target is SDG 16- Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. 

Group 3: Overnight Guards worked on educating the public on a Software called Edu-Spy. This software can View every keystroke that kids make on their computers and learn about every login credential, web search, and social media tracking.

With this in place, parents can grant their children access to the internet to aid their learning. It would also help alert the teacher or parent should an intruder try to gain access to their computer. This application will help to prevent data loss, reduce cyberbullies and cyber predators. This project was targeted at SDG 4 Quality Education.

Group 4: Star Girls worked on a SeCPass Manager project, and it leverages SDG 9- industry, innovation, and infrastructure. It is a management tool that enables users to access all their passwords at any given time. Like, a password manager.

Group 5: Musgravite Cyber worked on a Talent Password Reset System. This project was based on creating a script that will utilize cronjobs to act as a weekly password reset reminder automatically. The script will also provide the user with an option to create/generate their password or accept a system-generated one. This whole project ensures password security, so scammers will find it difficult to access the system through passwords, and it is channeled towards SDG 3- Good Health and Well Being.

Our judges for the Women Techsters Bootcamp Demo Day were Oluwaseyi Alao - Product Team Lead, Wragby Business Solutions & Technologies Limited, Nigeria, For the Product Management learning track. Amadikwa Joy - Data Analyst, Data Science Nigeria, and Justus Ilemobayo - Data Analyst, Smarterise, Nigeria, Data Science, and AI learning track. Elizabeth Popoola- Associate Frontend Developer, Walulel, Ghana, Samad Ibrahim - Fullstack Developer, For the Software Development learning track. Florence Asuelimen - User Experience Designer, Semicolon, Sheriff Sorunke - Lead Product Designer, Smartace Software Solution, Hammed Shotola- Product Designer, Great Brands Nigeria Limited, For the Product Design Learning track. Doreen Koome - Cybersecurity Engineer/Global Ambassador WomenTech Network, Kenya, and Nancy Muriithi - Campus Coordinator, SheHacks Kenya, For the Cybersecurity Learning track.

For a mini-project, the Women Techster Fellows out-did themselves. They put up such an impressive performance, and we can’t wait to see their final projects.