| July 8, 2022

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My name is Urhiofe Favour Oghenerabome. I'm a Product Designer, a final year student of the Department of Computer Engineering at the University of Lagos, and a Women Techsters Alumna. I was also born and raised in Delta State, Nigeria. I'm the first child of four kids. Although my parents were in traditional white color jobs, my Mother is a Medical Lab Scientist, and my Dad is a Chartered Accountant, they are both big fans of learning a skill aside from school.

I remember I was enrolled in a computer school at nine years old, where I learned how to use CorelDraw and basic tech tools. I guess that is where my tech journey started. My tech career journey has been majorly a learning process.

Initially, when it was time to choose a career path, because of the vastness of tech, I did not know what career path to choose, so I tried my hands on different skills. Clarity came to me in 2020 during the lockdown. I had just started learning to write Python code every day when my mum suggested I get an internship job instead of staying home. I started applying to tech companies in Warri, and then eventually, I got invited for an interview and got hired.

My boss asked me a few questions about my career journey on my first day. From our conversation, he deduced that I might do well in UI/UX, so he bought me a course on Udemy, and that's how I started my product design journey, and I have been unstoppable since then.

learned about the Women Techsters Fellowship from a friend who saw the application, then thought I might be interested, and sent me the application flyer. When I saw the opportunity, I knew it was one I had to take advantage of, so I applied and gained admission into the Product Design Track.

My experience at the Women Techsters was an exciting blend of many emotions. It was tasking yet amazing. One thing I learned during that period was how to multitask. During the fellowship, I had to start my Siwes training, do office tasks, attend meetings, and attend classes. In addition, I was taking courses on Udacity and nano degrees. I had no choice but to learn how to multitask since I couldn't afford to fail at any of them.

One of my highlights from the Women Techsters Fellowship experience was winning the Microsoft Hackaton alongside some other exceptional ladies. My Hackaton experience was terrific. Kudos to all the teams that participated. In my opinion, we are all winners because coming up with something in such a short time signifies so much growth. I was inspired by the many ideas that the fellow beneficiaries exhibited. It gave me the confidence to keep trying.

I would not have believed it if someone told me I would be winning a Hackathon a year ago, but the Women Techsters fellowship team registered us, and I love that we were able to make them proud in such a short time.

To any lady seeking to transition into tech, I would say give time to your learning process, and whatever you find yourself doing, do it well. Most of all, never relent. If you are looking for a community to support you while you learn, then the Women Techsters Fellowship is for you.