The role light plays in science, culture, education and sustainable development

| May 17, 2020

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It is common knowledge that light plays an important role in the continued existence of man. Since the birth of light in 1876 by the great Thomas Edison, humanity has not looked back since. From the creation of light, we have built a sustainable source of energy. The technology of light has been a key component in the growth and development of societies and it is an important way to stay connected. The development of light as a source of energy generation fits into the United Nations sustainable development goals to put an end to poverty, fight inequality and injustice, as well as combat climate change and the impact it has on the world.

According to Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, on the occasion of the International Day of Light 2019, "From the birth of the universe to the creation of all kinds of new technologies, from X-rays to radio waves, in fields as diverse as medicine, agriculture, energy, optics, and countless others, light has shaped – and continues to shape – our world.” By understanding light, we can achieve the greatest of scientific and technological progress. Throughout the world and across history light has always been of great importance. It is evident in cultural symbolism, universal myths and legends, and also in the studying of the science of light and its practical applications. Light is a vital part of culture and art, and it has a unifying symbol for the world.

The diverse applications of light have transformed our societies through communications, culture, entertainment and medicine. The major economic drivers in our world today are industries that are focused on generating light and light-based technologies. They serve as direct responses to the needs of humankind and they do this by making provision to access information, promote sustainable development, and increase societal health and well-being. Organizations like Tech4Dev have benefitted from the emergence of light as the light gave way to technology and ultimately the interest in making social impact. At its core, Tech4Dev is using technology to advance sustainable human capital development thereby causing self-sufficiency and sustainable economic change.

The emergence of light brought with it the interest in sustainable development hence the important role Tech4Dev plays in the technology space. We partner with like minds in tech to create opportunities that will change the narrative of Africa and close the gender gap that exists in the technology space. We at Tech4Dev celebrate The International Day of Light because we acknowledge the role light plays in science, culture and art, education, and sustainable development, and in fields as varied as medicine, communications, and energy. All these are key components to sustaining human existence. This celebration allows individuals from across the world and its diverse sectors to appreciate the emergence of light by participating in activities that show how science, technology, art and culture can help achieve the goals of UNESCO which is to build the foundation for peaceful societies.

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