21st Century Technology Advancement and Women Participation

| May 8, 2020

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The World we live in is dynamic; hence the constant changes we see around us. There is an increase in the number of women in technology which has brought with it an increased sense of self among women across the World. Some of these women have mind-blowing innovations that have and continue to play a massive share in the World’s technological advancement.

The impact women are making in technology is outstanding; however, the statistics do not reflect it. In 2018, the Women and Technology Study conducted a research for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) with findings that only 3% of women believe they can pursue a career in technology as their first choice, 78% of students cannot name famous women working in technology, and women hold only 5% of jobs in the technology space. This report is disheartening, but thanks to the changes that occur as the World grows- women have seen an increase in representation in the technology space.

Women are beginning to break the glass ceilings that limit them from entering into fields that were once pegged as male-dominated. Technology has brought diverse opportunities for women, to work with some of the greatest minds on projects that will define the World and the future. Women partake in the creation of new trends that affect the everyday life of people around the World.

These trends make life easy for everyone. Some of such trends are:

Safety and Security Considerations

The World has seen that with the increase in the use of technology, it is vital that there are safety and security measures put in place to enable easy functionality and access to technology. When the topic of tech safety measures come up, most people usually believe it only pertains to identity theft and data breaches. However, to Yasmine Mustafa, CEO and Founder of Roar for Good, it means so much more. She believes that safety and security considerations play a role in the physical security of people. She explains that industries have begun to favour technology-aided solutions that assist in the provision of security in response to customer concerns and Liabilities.

International Customization

n 2019, Samantha Stevens, Director of Product Management at Tinder, observed that the prevalence of mobile phones had increased internet access for more people across the globe. She believes this to be an opportunity and an opening of new and exciting cultures which will enable people to forge connections with other people easily; this will give companies a way to understand better the regions they operate in or intend to work. She believes that this will enable all companies - not just international ones - with data mining capabilities that allow easy customization of what they intend to give back to local cultures and traditions.

Political Engagement

As politics increasingly becomes more diverse, it is appropriate to say that all political engagements are mostly mobile. Simply put, people now read stories about the most recent political events and anything related to politics through their mobile phones. Morgan Berman, founder and CEO, Milkcrate, believes that mobile phones will be the common element of future political interactions, she also highlighted that political organizations would begin to invest and strategize around building tools for engaging people during political events that will enable them to motivate, engage and track participation.

With the rise in demand for new technology, women must be supported to pursue a career in STEM in order to have all hands on deck. In essence, the world needs more women in technology.