Congratulations to the Microsoft Leap Engineering Girls

| October 8, 2019

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Fatima, Abiodun, and Bello were beneficiaries of the Women Techsters program in the 2nd and 3rd cohort; they were amateurs to coding before joining the WT program. The Women Techsters is an initiative of Tech4Dev that trains women and girls on digital and deep tech skills.

The three girls got into the program for two weeks and were trained on web and mobile development. Throughout the training, they displayed a high level of commitment and took part in the project and activities given to them.

At the end of the training period, they got internship placements, where they learned first-hand from reputable organizations — Fatima with TechSavvy, Abiodun with iQube Labs, and Bello with Today’s Solution.

These were opportunities provided by Tech4Dev to ensure the sustainability of the program, ensure experiential learning and also give the beneficiaries an avenue to actively work and gain experience.

During the Internship period, an application was opened for the Microsoft LEAP Engineering program, and the three of them got the opportunity to take part in the recruitment process and eventually scaled through.

Fatima, Abiodun, and Bello have now gotten placement opportunities with Microsoft.

“The WT program has been a big influencer in defining my career path in that I have seen the massive opportunities in the IT industry and how to carve a niche in whatever field I find myself in and how to grow in that field” says, Bello.

Fatima also expressed her joy, saying: “I cannot tell my story without Women Techsters; it was through the platform that I got into the Microsoft Leap Apprenticeship program”

We are excited about these three champions, and we see many more women getting into tech positions just like them.