Women Techsters - GIZ Cohort 3 Internship

| August 30, 2019

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The Women Techsters beneficiaries are currently undergoing their internship where they will gain hands on experience based on their learnings on web development

Anita, a former customer service administrator, has gotten an internship placement with OnenetServers, a software development company in Lagos. Anita, who had no prior coding experience before her involvement in the 3rd cohort of the Women Techsters program with GIZ, is now knowledgeable enough to get an Internship placement.

The boot camp with Women Techsters trained her and other beneficiaries the basics of Web and Mobile development. She expressed her appreciation for the time spent with Women Techsters and how working with other women to solve the world's problems through technology has motivated to continue in the new career path she has chosen. In her own words, "The program was exhilarating, we all had a common goal of making a difference in tech, we shared ups and downs while fighting bugs and creating functional web pages."

She is currently working with experts to learn UI/UX design and front end development. Her Internship has allowed her to learn by doing; she confirmed that the people she works with have been accommodating and she has been able to learn at her convenience.

Anita expects that she would have gained enough knowledge at the end of the Internship period to help her choose a path in the tech space.

Anita and 11 others are currently ongoing their Internship at various leading software organizations, our heartfelt appreciation goes to Today's Solution, Iqube Labs, OnenetServers and TechSavvy.