WT will train 5 million women across Africa by 2030

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5,000,000 women are trained in digital and programming skills across Africa

10% of beneficiaries be equipped to become entrepreneurs, employ others and build sustainable businesses

Get over 5,000 women mentors that will encourage beneficiaries and share life experiences

Partner with over 150 organizations to bring these solutions to women in underserved communities across Africa

The Women Techsters initiative is aimed at bridging the digital and technology knowledge divide between men and women as well as ensuring equal access to opportunities for all. We are empowering girls and women across Africa with varying degrees of digital, deep tech and soft skills required within the technology ecosystem.

The initiative will empower 5million African women over the next 10 years (2020-2030) through a series of activities holding simultaneously across different countries.

Our objective is to grow and support an army of tech empowered girls and women across Africa who will have equal access to decent job opportunities as well as build and scale their ideas into tech-enabled businesses and deep tech startups, which will aid Africa’s economic growth.


  • To empower African women to establish start-ups or technology-enabled businesses to build an entrepreneurial mindset in them.
  • To support women to become digitally enabled, social champions, and owners of businesses
  • To bridge the digital divide between men and women in the tech space while contributing to economic growth
  • To ultimately improve the socio-economy of the Africa continent by providing skills that will elevate women from poverty


I got to know about the NWT program through my friend, who went through the program. I didn’t have any idea about programming or building websites before the training. I was able to learn all these within the period of the program; it was fascinating to be able to build a website on my own. I got on an internship with TechSavvy, an opportunity provided by Tech4Dev to help improve my skills. The most exciting part of my experience is that I got a chance to be a part of the Microsoft Leap Engineering Program. I cannot tell my story without Women Techsters. It was through the program, I got my Internship opportunity and into the Microsoft Program.

Fatima Ahmed

WT-GIZ Cohort 3

I initially thought tech was for majorly men, engineers, and computer scientists; it was during my training with WT that I changed that mindset. I learned a lot during the training; I especially thank my tutors; they did a lot. From this training, I recently got an opportunity to be among the 1st cohort of the Microsoft Leap Apprenticeship program, and I see myself taking leaps from there.

Patience Bello

WT-GIZ Cohort 2

I heard about WT via social media, I was invited for an interview, and I was elated to have gotten in. I was delighted when I got into the facility provided; we had enough laptops, the trainers were enough, they were patient and answered our questions satisfactorily. I want to appreciate the organizers of this program; now I know how to use CSS, HTML, and bootstrap. With this training, I have been able to build my blog.

Temitayo Olatunji

WT-GIZ beneficiary cohort 2

It was from the career path at GIZ that I got into the program; the two weeks boot camp has helped me decide on which area to further in my career. It was quite encouraging and helpful. I was able to continue my learning online, and I also got materials from our trainer. Currently, I am an assistant trainer with Women Techsters; I didn't expect to be here. I'm especially grateful to Tech4Dev, they trained me and have also provided me a job.

Lydia Ibeh

WT-GIZ beneficiary cohort 1

I decided to join the training because my friends told me how they learned to code in a few weeks, coming here was excellent; all my expectations were met. It was awesome; the tutors were willing to help and explain everything to us. I am now able to build a website and write codes, so excited. Thanks to Tech4Dev.

Peters Kimberly

WT Cohort 2

I got the advert from social media, and I was screened and then got a mail to join. The classes were fun, and I like that they broke everything steps by step for everyone to understand, we were all carried along. I learned a lot about web design and creative thinking.

Dimeji Ajayi Damilola

WT-GIZ cohort 3