Facilitator Spotlight: Winner Emeto

| October 6, 2021

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Facilitator Spotlight: Winner Emeto

For every project that we successfully carry out, we have help in the form of volunteers, from NWT to The Women Techsters Open Day, Bootcamp, and even Fellowship. Volunteering is an essential part of our organization, and we do not take every person who has volunteered with us for granted.

Recently, we met up with one of our Facilitators, Winner Emeto, who just got a job opportunity, and he shared insights on what volunteering with Tech4Dev has been like.

  1. How did you learn about the Women Techsters Program?

    Oh, I came across the application online, and then I applied.

  2. How long have you been a facilitator?

    This should be like the sixth month. I started on April 2021. 26th of April, to be precise.

  3. Alright. What learning track are you facilitating?

    Currently, I am a facilitator for the Data Science and AI learning track.

  4. Which of the Women Techsters Program are you a facilitator for?

    The Women Techsters Fellowship. I am currently a facilitator at the Women Techsters Fellowship.

  5. What would you say your experience has been like so far?

    (Laughs) Seriously, it has been an incredible learning experience. I have been able to meet a lot of bright minds. It has also been challenging but, learning is not done in the comfort zone. To get better, we have to learn to come out of our shells and embrace change and challenges. So, it has been challenging, but it has also been worth it.

    It has also been an eye-opener in my career journey as a Data Scientist in terms of building my soft skills and my interpersonal skills. However, one significant advantage is that my work here has given me a lot of exposure and visibility.

  6. Congratulations on your new job! Can you shed more light on your new job description?

    Okay, so I got a Job offer with Microsoft as a Solutions Offer Specialist where I would be serving as a middleman between Microsoft Solutions and their clients.

  7. That sounds amazing. When are you set to resume?

    So, because of a lot of stuff currently happening, I am looking at resuming at the beginning of next month

  8. What would you say played a crucial role in presenting you with this offer?

    First of all, I would say God because even with all my skills, there is no denying the role of God's grace in my life. Then, I did an internship with Microsoft last November as a Customer Service account manager, and during my training, I put in my best. I ensured that I delivered deliverables and put in my all. I also participated in internal competitions. I can say today that I was able to drive impact during my stay.

    It was even during my internship that I got to hear about the Women Techsters Program. I would also say that my contribution to the Women Techsters fellowship had a hand in landing me where I am today.

  9. What would you say to anyone considering volunteering for Women Techsters?

    I would encourage the person to go ahead because facilitating at any Women Techsters program would give you exposure. It would also challenge you in many ways. As an example, I am currently facilitating a learning track with about 80 people under it. Out of these 80 people, various brilliant minds have challenged me to do better and upscale myself to deliver better results. There is a saying that the more you teach, the more you learn. This has been the situation in my case. Another advantage is networking. You also get the opportunity to network with other facilitators and like minds around Africa.

  10. You know, many people want to finish school, get a job and continue their lives from there. What can you say to these people to encourage them to volunteer?

    Volunteering is crucial for many reasons. One of them is gathering work experience. Usually, while applying for job opportunities, they inquire about working experience. One of the most innovative ways to acquire this is by volunteering. It also gives you the ability and allowance to prepare yourself for the future of the workplace and gives you clarity on the career path to follow.