Volunteer Spotlight – Yazid Salahaludeen Mikail

| March 25, 2022

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My name is Yazid Salahaludeen Mikail. I hail from Kaduna State, and I am a 3rd-year chemical engineering student at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. I heard about Tech4Dev from social media. I saw a call for application for community facilitators in 2020 and applied. I volunteered with Tech4Dev because I love volunteering with causes that align with my core values as a social development worker and enthusiast.

I volunteered with Tech4Dev as a Project Manager in Kaduna State, and my experience was fantastic. It was a learning period for me as it allowed me to practice my leadership skills. It was also my first hands-on practical experience. I got this opportunity just after completing the capstone project I worked on when taking a project management professional course.

As a volunteer, I led a team of 5 facilitators to implementing an all-inclusive seven-week Digital Literacy Program tagged "Digital Tribe" Funded by UKaid and implemented by Tech4Dev in collaboration with Kaduna_ICTHub that equipped 181 women, girls, PWDs, and vulnerable populations with digital skills in Kaduna.

This project aimed to bridge the digital gap in underserved communities. Some of the beneficiaries of this project are working, while some started a career using the digital skills they acquired during the training. It constantly excites me to know that I was part of something this huge.

Volunteering with Tech4Dev has impacted you or your career in such a good way. It was the first project I managed professionally, and the experience opened the door for some projects I have had the opportunity to manage now.

I always encourage people to be open to volunteering because volunteering provides the perfect enabling environment that helps people discover purpose and become the best versions of themselves. I would easily recommend volunteering with Tech4Dev to anyone looking for an opportunity to impact the social and developmental space.

Tech4Dev is an organization known for its integrity and impact. Suppose in the future. I have the opportunity to volunteer with them again. In that case, I will be open to offering professional advice on community engagement, project management, and data analysis if need be.