Trained over 300 young women in tertiary institutions on digital skills

Mentored over 3,000 young girls in secondary school to pursue careers in STEM

Mentored young women to develop 10 SDG-focused solutions

Code4impact (c4i) was a hands-on learning program building digital literacy skills, especially coding and analytical skills in young girls and women. The c4i program in partnership with HACEY HEALTH aimed to encourage, train and mentor young girls in secondary schools (aged 10-17) to choose STEM careers. An important component of the c4i program was the training project.

The c4i training project organized training camps in which participants developed community impact solutions that addresses the Sustainable Development Goals. The participants are drawn from a variety of backgrounds with the desire to learn and apply skills taught being the common denominator amongst them. The C4i ambassadors, as they are called, are young women with a passion for solving societal challenges and who want to learn about technology. The young women were trained along 3 selected tracks.

  • Web and mobile application development
  • Microelectronics
  • Games development


  • To provide programming related knowledge to the beneficiaries
  • To impart skills among beneficiaries so that they may learn quickly, use the skills learnt to start their own business or be employable
  • Improve the productivity of the women while engaging them life-changing solutions that will ultimately address the Sustainable Development Goals


I am a member of the hardware class, so far, code4impact has been a very fantastic training and my team members, and I are working on the Smartone Project. We are using this project to connect farmers to the end-user. I am happy to have been a part of this training; it has opened me up to so many opportunities. I'm so excited about what I'll be doing with the skills gotten.

Abimbola Hassan

C4i Participant

Code4Impact was a program that encouraged me to take up the computer programming path. We were introduced to things I have no idea of, NFCs, Proximity Sensors, Resistors, LEDs. We learned how to write codes for them and make them work. I am grateful to the organizers of this program and all our tutors.

Maria Orevaogene

C4i Participant