The Women Techsters Fellowship, a year-long coding experience for young girls and women is currently ongoing.

Our Vision

To equip Africans with digital and life skills that foster financial freedom, economic growth and sustainable development

Our Mission

To create opportunities and platforms for Africans to access decent work and entrepreneurship through digital skills empowerment and advocacy



Digital skills direct beneficiaries of Tech4Dev’s programmes


Digital skills indirect beneficiaries of Tech4Dev’s programmes

Over 20

Nigerian States


Beneficiaries facilitated
to suitable jobs

More than 5,000

Youths inspired to pursue
careers in technology

According to the International Finance Corporation (IFC), about 230 million jobs in Sub-Saharan Africa will require digital skills by 2030. This figure is due to increasing use of technology and automation of jobs. At Tech4Dev, we prepare people for the future of work by creating opportunities for decent work through technology-based training, which include coding skills, deep tech skills, employability skills and basic digital skills


Women Techsters

The Women Techsters program is an offshoot of the Nigerian Women Techsters (NWT). The Women Techsters program will train 5,000,000 women across Africa by 2030.

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Basic Digital Educative Initiative (BDEI)

The Basic Digital Education Initiative is an experiential learning computer education and STEM program that aims to train 500,000 public school students between ages 8 -18 across selected states in Nigeria.

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The NAKISE program is an initiative that is built to foster employability, entrepreneurship and enable work place efficiency among undergraduates and fresh graduates. is an online portal aims to provide employability courses to over 10,000 youths every year.

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Nigerian Women Techsters (NWT)

The Nigerian Women Techsters, bridges the digital knowledge divide between men and women by training 2,400 women in 12 underserved communities across Nigeria.

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CODEPRENUER is an initiative that is targeted at up skilling young individuals in Nigeria and beyond with technological and entrepreneurial skills. The program was initiated to ensure that young individuals with coding experience have the needed skills to become gainfully employed and fulfilled.

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Code4impact (C4i) is a hands-on learning program building digital literacy skills, especially coding and analytical skills in young girls and women. The C4i program in partnership with HACEY HEALTH aims to encourage, train and mentor young girls in secondary schools (aged 10-17) to choose STEM careers.

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If you would like to know more about what we do

Women Techsters UN Solutions Summit 2019 - Full solution presentation

Code4Impact Project

Women Techsters Alumni: Fatima Ahmed (From A Chemist to a Woman in Tech)


I was able to learn all these within the period of the program; it was fascinating to be able to build a website on my own. With a read more button that leads to the full story on the blog.

Fatima Ahmed

WT-GIZ Cohort 3

I initially thought tech was majorly for men, engineers, and computer scientists. It was during my Women Techsters training that I changed that mindset. With a read more button that leads to the full story on the blog.

Patience Bello Eyimeafo

WT-GIZ Cohort 2

I joined the Game Development class and after the training, I specialized in building AR and VR applications, as a result. With a read more button that leads to the full story on the blog.

Yewande Akinjewe

NWT Ondo Beneficiary

I decided to join the training because my friends told me how they learned to code in a few weeks, coming here was my best decision ever; all my expectations were met. With a read more button that leads to the full story on the blog.

Peters Kimberly

WT-GIZ Cohort 2

The approach to the training is professional. The resource persons are also very knowledgeable. With a read more button that leads to the full story on the blog.

Adedipe Funmilayo

NWT Beneficiary (Ekiti State)

This process gave leverage to apply for job openings, and I'm currently at a well-paying job because of my experiences at Tech4dev. With a read more button that leads to the full story on the blog.

Damola Kazeem

NWT (Tutor)

It was from the career path at GIZ that I got into the program; the two weeks boot camp has helped me decide on which area to further in my career. With a read more button that leads to the full story on the blog.

Lydia Ibeh

WT-GIZ beneficiary cohort 1

The program took me out of my comfort zone, but also helped me chart a new course. With a read more button that leads to the full story on the blog.

Abimbola Hassan

C4i Participant

The classes were fun, and I like that they broke everything step by step for everyone to understand, we were all carried along. I learned a lot about web design and creative thinking. With a read more button that leads to the full story on the blog.

Dimeji Ajayi Damilola

Basic Digital Literacy for Northern Nigeria Beneficiary (Kwara)

The Nakise program helped me increase my knowledge in MS Word, Excel and also PowerPoint which has been a serious struggle for me. I can see this helping me to grow my business in the future because these skills are important. The world has gone digital and tech is the future. This was an opportunity for me to add to my knowledge and I loved how interactive the class was because, for me, learning is interaction. I’m thankful to have been a part of this class.

Abigail Dung

Nakise beneficiary

The week’s training has been enlightening, I have done ICT training before, and it was not like this. It was just the basics, and it was an eye-opener for me. I enjoyed the classes. The tutors were patient and explained well. We did a PowerPoint presentation, and I perfected my presentation skills within the training period. I want to say thank you to Tech4Dev, and I appreciate the opportunity.

Gladys Madueke

Nakise beneficiary

I heard about the Digital Skills for the Workplace program from a friend and the rest, as they say, is history. The training was quite challenging for me at first. I felt left out just because it's been almost 10 years since I did anything serious on a computer, but the facilitator was kind enough to consider us all. He was patient but firm, ensuring we all delivered on our tasks.

Looking back, it was a fantastic experience for me. I was rusty in anything relating to tech before the training, but I was dusted and polished, I was also given a solid foundation to build my tech dream. Within 8 weeks, I went through the design thinking process, User interphase, and User experience designs. It was an amazing ride, and the destination is sure looking good.

Folashade Kelvin-Ikpi

Digital Skills for the Workplace beneficiaryNakise Beneficiary

The Basic Digital Literacy for Northern Nigeria project was very impactful for me. I participated in the training because I wanted to gain knowledge that would make me digitally literate so as to help me fit into society and also become an entrepreneur with a computer center where I can train people and also earn from it.

Now, I can confidently use Microsoft Word and Excel, I can type and communicate online. I am so happy I got to be a part of this training. This training has helped me improve my computer skills and now I can find my way around a computer without stress. I am thankful to Tech4Dev and FCDO for this opportunity to improve on myself and potentially contribute positively to my community.

Miracle Ehi Murphy

Basic Digital Literacy for Northern Nigeria beneficiary (Benue)

I found out about the ATC Digital Village Project via an Instagram post. I signed up for it, and I was excited when I was selected. The program took me out of my comfort zone, but it also helped me chart a new course. As a graduate of Human Physiology from the University of Ilorin, training people to become digital literate was not something I ever thought about, but engaging in this program made me learn new things and forge new relationships. I liked the excitement on my students' faces after every class. The joy that they were learning something they never thought they could do.

To ATC and Tech4Dev, thank you for giving me the platform to share knowledge with others, and thank you for the fantastic initiative of introducing digital literacy in the grassroots community.

Kayode Ajomole

ATC DV Facilitator (Ekiti State)